Sunday, September 06, 2009

Are You Ready?

I'm suffering sensory overload this morning. A full day of back-to-back-to-back-to-back football games yesterday has got me befuddled. Beer, brats, couch-potating, and high definition mean life is very, very good.

What do I know now that weekend one of the college season is pretty much in the books? Well, I know that Texas and Colt McCoy have practiced, but they weren't challenged by Lousiana-Monroe. I mean is that even a four year school?

Air Force chose a designated mort for target practice on week one. Who ever heard of Nichols State? Where do they come from? A 72-0 drubbing isn't any sort of accomplishment.

Navy played Ohio State to a surprise finish. Too bad they couldn't nail down the upset on the two-point try.

Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M all played credible if not first rung opponents. It will be an interesting fall season for the Texas fans.

Oklahoma was the shocker. BYU brought their mature, hardened and well-coached clean-living Mormons to that brand-new monument to Jerry Jones excess, "Cowboys Stadium" and simply played classic defense and just enough offense. Bob Stoops was figuring to notch OK's belt with another one of his run-up the score jobs, but when Sam Bradford got taken out in the last minute of the first half with a very clean hit, the jig was up. The Sooners played out the game, but didn't have the spark that Heisman winner Bradford brings to the field. With Bradford sidelined for at least three weeks, I'm thinking this takes OK out of the BCS running for the major stuff. Too bad; a Bradford vs Colt McCoy matchup for the Red River Classic would have been great.

Now, this just in from the pro ranks:

Exempt List Means No Roster, No Team Practice

Vick is NOT on the roster, can't be on the roster until the third week of the season, and can't practice with the team until he's on the roster.

Yes, life is very sweet...

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Six said...

The Mrs. found herself in a bit of a quandry. She's a native Utahn and likes BYU a lot but when we bought a house in Oklahoma a few years ago she became a rabid OU fan. She couldn't make up her mind. It was actually hilarious to watch. I only got concerned when that twitch in her cheek ran down the left side of her body and triggered temporary paralysis.