Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deep Cesspools From Tiny ACORNs grow

I've got to note that the orchestration of the revealing of the ACORN sting video(s) is masterful. You've got to pay attention to avoid the possibility of thinking you are seeing repetition of a single incident. It hasn't dumped the whole crap bag on the table at one time. It is allowing it to be stretched so that outrage can build and maybe America will be able to get some information from their usual news sources in case they don't watch Fox or read the WSJ.

It started in Brooklyn. The intrepid stinger in garish bling and pimp rags accompanied by the scantily clad and tantalizing beauty in an unusual occupation seek some help from their local branch office of ACORN. They want to get a government housing loan to buy a place for their business but they can't figure out how to fill out the application. What do they do for a living? He's a pimp and she's a prostitute. Now they are an agent and a performing arts practitioner. No need to declare all of their income. That's the ACORN advice.

And, by the way, they also want to bring a bevy of thirteen year old illegal girls to live in the cat house. No problem, they become dependents.

Scandalous? You bet. Government funded? Absolutely! Isolated incident? Don't you wish.

Two days later, we get another chapter in the reality TV serial of what ACORN does with your tax dollars. The script was nearly identical in Washington DC. That reveals a pretty consistent ACORN modus operandi.

But, as the Ginzu knife commercial has taught us, "Wait! There's More!"

The most recent is Chapter 3. This time the ACORN road show is in Baltimore. Will this begin to lose impact because of repetition? I hope not. The stingers promise there is more to come before the season finale.

How is this playing in the MSM? This appeared on page 5 of this morning's Dallas Morning News:

Senate Cuts Funding for ACORN

Short and sweet, isn't it? No mention that this is the third instance. No mention that the videos have a two microphone record so it would take more than simply over-dubbing video. Creating identical audio tape and video record would be pretty high tech. Strong implication that this is some sort of right-wing conspiracy. Gratuitous hits at Fox News.

America is about to get sick of this, I think.


Anonymous said...

Worth considering:


Acorn in macrocosm.

juvat said...

But wait....Round 4 just appeared on BigGovernment.com