Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Diving Into the Tank

Latest Rasmussen Poll numbers strongly indicate that America is waking up:

Approval Index Now at -11

The pollster also noted that for the entire month of August the Bamster never got higher than 50% approval ratings. This may be a faster, deeper shift than we've seen since Lyndon Johnson declared defeat after Tet '68. One wonders if the campaign genius in the White House can discern a cause/effect relationship anywhere.

Note particularly the last paragraph in that Rasmussen report. The Messiah always polls more poorly when the poll is conducted of "Likely Voters" rather than simply respondents. In simpler words, people who can read and write are less likely to buy into the propaganda machine.

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juvat said...

I also like the statistic cited on Instapundit recently that 57% of their survey respondents would like to see the entire Congress replaced. The only improvement to that idea, IMHO, is to replace them and deny them health and retirement benefits also.