Friday, September 25, 2009

Testing The Material

You've seen the video here, on a dozen other blogs, and on Fox News. You've heard conservative talk radio jump on the story. Much like the Van Jones saga, you didn't hear a peep from the MSM. They missed it, or didn't think it was important.

I'm referring to yesterday's video of the cute little kindergarten class with their charming rendition of their hymns to the Messiah. I collected three other videos of indoctrination of youth in the cult just to make sure the New Jersey scene wasn't an isolated incident. It seems that over the last eight months similar indoctrination sessions have been pretty organized. It can't be coincidence.

Today, the disavowal emerges from the White House. New Jersey wasn't anything they were behind. They apparently don't have any national events scheduled this week like last weeks school TV blitz. But, how then do you account for the others schools I showed you?

Is the principal repentent? Maybe a bit chagrined? Well, not quite:

Would Do It Again, In Fact WILL Do It Again

Do we get the important distinction here between freedom of speech for the teacher and principal and propagandizing the children in the guise of education?

Let's apply a simple test to insure this outrage isn't just right wing loons going off again. We don't want it to be racism, either. The test is simple. Just substitute the name of any other President during his term in office. Let's try it with:

Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, George Walker Bush...

Now, that would be terrible. Let's use a Democrat:

Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, William Jefferson Clinton...

Doesn't work either. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Milhouse Nixon. None of them work. All would have fostered outrage.

Maybe we should try it with some older children and some choreographed dance:

Those girls did look a bit like that marching viddie of the teenagers yesterday. Nah, that street theater thing is so proletarian. We need some pomp, some ceremony, some neat uniforms.

That should get the kids fired up. Everyone loves a stadium outing.

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Zebra said...

This is just the best blog I've read. Funny, witty, and of course on the "right" side of political thought.