Sunday, September 06, 2009

Slinking Back to Berkeley

In the dark of night on a holiday weekend when hundreds of thousands of Americans are involved with Labor Day outings and the college football kickoff weekend, the news dribbles out of the back door of the White House to go largely unnoticed.

Van Jones, avowed racist, Truther, community organizer, American military accuser, sewer-mouthed ersatz humorist of political opposition and White House "czar" has quietly resigned.

Beatification Completed Now Canonization Awaits Miracles

The Reasons Spelled Out For the Slow Learners

Drummed Out By a Smear Campaign Consisting of My Quotes

Oh yes, the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, even the New York Times and major network talking suits will be decrying the loss of this struggler for equality who saw the evil American empire for what it was. They will be attempting to dismantle the critics who picked at the scab that is Van Jones until his background was exposed for all to see.

They will fail, however, because there is no way that this guy is anything but another Jeremiah Wright in a Brooks Brothers suit.

Isn't amazing what the blogosphere can accomplish these days?

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