Thursday, September 10, 2009

The New Van Jones

You are going to hear a lot about Cass Sunstein in the coming days. Now that Van Jones has been swept into the dustbin of history, Glen Beck is focussing on this new target. He is of concern to a lot of folks because he is the Messiah's appointee to be the Kommissar of Information and Regulation. Sorry, make that Administrator of Information and Regulation...but that title is equally 1984-ish, isn't it? Effectively he is a super-czar that will be coordinating what is apparently already a gigantic effort to control what information we receive and whether the federal government will leave anything unregulated.

He was in the news yesterday with a quote in support of the Supreme Court's Heller decision on an individual's right to ownership of a handgun within the District of Columbia. He sounded reasonable in acceptance of the Second Amendment as an individual vice collective right. It didn't take a very long time, however, to find a quote by him saying exactly the opposite. That statement was just two short years ago.

Want to learn about him? Maybe the most damning fact is his most recent employment--law professor at the University of Chicago. He's an Obama colleague from the same ultra-left academic cesspool. That should tell you all you need to know.

But, I'm not above a bit of research. Sunstein has a web page.

Professor Cass R. Sunstein

The usual college prof stuff is there, including a CV and a list of his publications. Can we glean a bit of info from what he has written? Click on the "Info" button next to his titles, and you get with the books for sale. Words like "nuanced" and "thoughtful" appear regularly, but they thinly mask a very unusual view of the world in America's future.

Check some titles:

Free Markets and Social Justice

Yes, he is going to get that social justice thing going for us and quite clearly achieving that justice is being obstructed by that pesky free market business.

Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech

We've certainly got to do something about the niggling problem of free speech don't we? We need some regulation of that so the proper messages can be supported and those counter arguments don't confuse us.

The Bill of Rights and the Modern State

Pray tell me what modernity has to do with the immutable rights expressed so cogently and so clearly protected by our Founding Fathers.

After the Rights Revolution: Reconceiving the Regulatory State

The review raves about the "right to clean air and safe consumer products" which the free market has always seemed to defend quite nicely. But, we can always use a "regulatory state" I guess. Thank God for Prof. Sunstein.

And, of course, let's not leave out:

Feminism and Political Theory

But, I always thought political theory was delightfully gender neutral. Yet a glance at Prof. Sunstein's picture does seem to show some metro-sexual, sensitive side nuances.

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