Friday, September 04, 2009

Case Dismissed

I promised to keep you updated on the dismissal of the corruption charges against NM governor Bill Richardson. I was particularly perplexed by the reversal in the news coverage that first indicated it was done at the direction of the Attorney General's office in Washington--clearly a mark of "the fix being in". Then a short day later, the statement out of NM's US Attorney, Greg Fouratt that he was dropping the case because of a rapidly expiring statute of limitations and insufficient evidence to bring the matter to trial. It didn't track with my long background with Mr. Foratt.

Now, here's a viewpoint regarding the letter informing the parties to the case of the dismissal.

I'm Watching and You'll be Back

When you are part of a big organization, whether it be the military as I was, or the Attorney General's bureaucracy, it is sometime necessary to do things which aren't what you would prefer. But, if doing so helps to retain your job in a position where you can still have a positive impact then occasionally you bite the bullet.

This story still has some chapters to be written. Too bad the MSM aren't paying attention, or maybe there is simply too much fodder available to cover all of the foibles of the machine.

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