Monday, September 21, 2009

Messiah Open to Consider

How great is this man? It is mind-numbing to see the pace at which he seeks to convert this formerly capitalist, free-market, republic to a monolithic, all-powerful, total-dependency welfare state. It worked so well for the Soviet Union that today they are...oops, never mind. Well it worked so well in the People's Republic of China that they are now embracing free market capitalism and on a breakneck pace not only to catch up but to surpass the economic and technological prowess of the West...oops, poor example. Well, then it worked so well in Cuba that today people find it easy to keep a fleet of 1950's cars working reasonably adequately on the available fuel rations...oops, can anybody come up with an example where this stuff has worked?

Now, we've got this proposal:

Make Them Non-Profit and Dependent Upon Us

That's right! The news front is an important one. Gotta get control over that pesky media. They can't do it right themselves and make a profit. People see right through them when they are obviously in the tank for the administration. Advertising plummets, readership is non-existant, and their soft-ball journalism is fodder for late night talk-show monologs. They are collapsing and they are necessary to inform the proletariat what is good for them.

So, a couple of reliable liberal flunkies introduce a bill in the Senate to bail out the newspapers. Do it just like the banks and the car companies. Give them some money, save their scrawny butts, and then the Messiah makes the rules. Force them to become non-profits. That way they have no links to capitalism any more. Once saved, the government can then set the editorial policies, hire and fire the writers, control what gets published and have a magnificent tool for propagandizing the masses.

How easy to establish a state newspaper system and it will make Pravda look like a comic book operation.

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