Thursday, September 03, 2009

Questionable Background

Yesterday I offered the viddie of "green jobs" czar, Van Jones, being himself for a Berkeley townhall meeting of true believers. It was adequately outrageous in itself to initiate a bit of demand for resignation--someone that base and crude should be questioned with regard to whether they were suitable White House material.

Now Gateway Pundit offers more background on the not-so-gentleman:

Truther and Hip Hop Futurist

Just as there are "Birthers" and they tilt at the windmill of questioning the Messiah's qualifications for the office he holds, so also there are "Truthers" who somehow can blank out the actual footage of the events of 9/11 and create a scenario of a White House conspiracy. I'm comfortable that there isn't the slightest basis for either position. But, while one might be a simple semantic and paperwork exercise the other scenario is so incredible that you might suggest psychiatric evaluation for the adherent.

But, the funny part of the Pundit disclosures on Mr. Jones is this statement from his community organizer position before czardom was bestowed:

As Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights said, "This event makes it clear that the path of social change needs to go through youth culture, and therefore it needs to go through hip-hop. Once hip-hop becomes central to social change, the entire game will be changed."

So, baggie pants, a crooked baseball cap and some heavy bling is the "change we can believe in."

The parallels to Camelot begin to break down here.

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