Saturday, September 05, 2009

Traditional Holiday Falls This Weekend

Yes, it's that time again. Time to celebrate the end of summer with that festival which we all know and love. After months of anticipation building today is the day:

International Bacon Day

So, let's gather around the blackened cast iron frying pan, toss in a slab of hickory smoked, thick-sliced, black-pepper crusted cholesterol overload and enjoy the spattering pork fat, the smoky aromas filling the kitchen, the crunchy remains of the rendering process that reduces ten inch slices to four inch shriveled morsels. Then let's fry a clutch of hen-fruit in the half-inch deep delicious grease, slather a chunk of butter on some sourdough bread and have breakfast.

Lunch can't come soon enough for more of the delicacy as we rush back from the market with some end-of-season tomatoes and leafy lettuce to build a triple deck mayonaisse slathered BLT with a dill pickle and some cold beer.

As evening falls we'll sprinkle bacon bits on the roquefort dressed salad and maybe pop a bacon-wrapped filet on the barbie. Some green beans par-boiled then tied in neat bunches with a strip of bacon to fry in the pan will balance the meal. Don't forget a baked potato with some sour cream and bacon bits tossed on top.

I wonder where I might find some of that bacon ice-cream the site mentions?

Then how long can it be until we erect the Festivus pole again? I should be out of intensive care by then.

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