Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting No Respect

The promise was that under his policies of engagement and apology, the world would once again love us. We would no longer be the mean bully who had our way with the weaklings of the world. We would embrace those who hate us. We would disarm ourselves and make America equally weak. We would grovel before princes and despots, and in return we would have peace and comity throughout the world. Kumbaya!

Now we've got a true Rodney Dangerfield moment here:

Obama is a Fraud

For a moment while I was reading Al-Zawahri's comments I thought that maybe I was becoming one with al-Qaeda. I mean, I could easily have said:

"Is the reality of the criminal Obama now clear to us?"

Or even this:

"Here is Obama, the fraud, who pretended to be affected by the suffering of the Palestinians

Where is the love?

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Anonymous said...

According to this article, Gen. McChrystal, the commander in Afghanistan, has talked to the Messiah only once, and that was in a closed circuit TV conference, and not in person.

Now, the Messiah may not like the war . . .

And the Messiah may not like to "sully" himself speaking in person with high-level officers . . .

But he is the C in C and it is his duty to communicate effectively with his generals: for the well-being of the troops; to insure the proper formulation and conduct of policy; and, even if the Messiah's goal is to seek a drawdown and exit, this plan must be developed in close coordination with the commander.

All of these things require detailed and on-going communications.

But in this he is failing.

In other words, the Messiah is beyond a fraud. He is an incompetent ideological lunatic.

Or does he have another end in mind....