Monday, September 07, 2009

A Policy of No-Precondition Negotiation

Remember the promise? Yes, despite a hundred years of history demonstrating that appeasement of dictators, terrorists and despots always bears dire consequences, the Messiah promised a velvet glove without even an iron fist inside. He would talk to them and they would be charmed into submission and cooperation.

Remember the slap down from Ahmadinejad over the initial overtures? Notice how that negotiation is going with regard to Iran's nuclear program? Remember Khadafi rolling over for Bush to get his belly scratched like a nice guy but now we've got him buying mass murderers out of Scottish jail and then parading them as heroes. Remember Chavez with his arm around his good friend Barack?

Check this:

Trade Deal Defies Trade Restrictions

The message between the lines here is very likely that Hugo is forthcoming on supplying refined gasoline to Mahmoud in return for something of value. What could it be? Does Hugo want a twenty pound bag of Iranian rials? Pretty unlikely. Would it be that Chavez sees a quid pro quo for an Iranian product yet to be produced, but promised for the 2010 model year? How about a nice nuclear weapon or two?

Yes, give us nuclear weapons for the southern hemisphere, just a hop, skip and jump from the US. Iran might have short range missiles to threaten Israel, but they aren't close to an intercontinental delivery capability. Give some weapons to Venezuela in exchange for much needed gas, and you've got a win-win situation.

Does Hugo have an air force capable of handling the mission? Well, he's got a nice squadron of US made F-16s, that certainly could be wired for the job. They are in place and functional. But why use them when you can simply wait for the impending delivery of two dozen Sukhoi SU-30s.

SU-30mk Capabilities

Longer range, better payload, more maneuverability and a serious threat particularly if the Messiah remains totally clueless about the world of foreign policy and how it relates to national defense.

Hillary, can you get on the Messiah's calendar some time this month? Can he fit you in between the dinner dates with Michelle, the indoctrination sessions with the children and the sales pitches on prime-time TV for a healthcare nationalization? Really, Hil, this is what a SecState is supposed to work on for us.


Anna said...

It's 3:45AM and Obama is still hitting the snooze button on foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

The puppet isn't clueless and he isn't hitting the snooze button.

He has a policy. It has a purpose. It has been considered, vetted, studied and adjusted with specific ends in mind.

Consult Orwell and Eisenhower if you still haven't figured it out.