Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How They View the World

He is at a town hall meeting. He is one of the President's "czars". That means he is at the highest level of the administration and works directly with the President in the White House. He is in charge of "green jobs", whatever those are.

The young lady, whose political ideology is probably clear since the meeting is taking place in Berkeley CA, asks a reasonable question about why the gang that couldn't shoot straight can't do things while the previous administration with a smaller majority was able to get their agenda enacted. It is a reasonable question from a political process perspective.

There were many answers that you might have expected from that level of administration policy makers to describe the difficulty with passage of legislation. There are certainly the very fundamental questions of garnering public support. There is even an opportunity to discuss the value of bipartisanship.

But, the answer shows clearly the sophistication of the administration and their disdain for any who do not march in lockstep.


TimT said...
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TimT said...

I propose a slightly different answer. Bear with me, because it's quite complex and nuanced.

The Democrats are idiots.

Seems to fit the facts.