Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paying the Penalty

Jean Valjean is going to be imprisoned in America, not for stealing bread but for opting to go without health insurance. To protect him, you see, we will have to incarcerate him and take away his assets so that when we release him he will then try to buy health insurance without any money!

Henri Charriere will be sent to an island prison from which escape is impossible because he wouldn't follow the government dictate to underwrite the government's healthcare program. He committed no crime other than being healthy. We can't have that going unpunished.

Those tales were fictional. Valjean and Papillon weren't real, but the punishments for not falling into lockstep with the Messiah's plan for healthcare are quite real:

Incur a $1900 Debt? Get a Year in the Slammer and a $25G Fine!

I wonder if that falls under the 8th Amendment to the Constitution? It seems "cruel and unusual" to me. Should the fine for a debt be a year of life and more than 12 times the amount owed? The 8th also covers "excessive fines" and the imposition thereof. I wonder how Justice Sotomayor will convolute the language to support her Messiah on that one?

Maybe we should just repeal the 8th. If we break up those core ten amendments, we can start chipping away at the others, like maybe the 2nd. We already ignore the 9th and 10th. This should be easy. Maybe just declare a state of emergency and repeal the whole damn thing. Financial markets, car companies, healthcare, global climate change, yeah...we've got a state of emergency here. Adolph, can you form a government for us and save Weimar?

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