Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's the Missing Phrase?

Here'a a piece in the New Yawk Times which should put the enviro-whackos off their feed for a while. While they scream of "reducing our dependence on foreign oil" and alternative energy sources we've got the rest of the world doing this:

Everywhere We Drill We Find the Gooey Stuff

That's right, folks. It's a bumper crop year for oil. Almost impossible to drill a dry hole. Why British Petroleum (that's BP for the folks in Sivell's Bend) is even touting the richest find in decades in the Gulf of Mexico.

What's the missing phrase in that article about all those oil strikes?

The United States.

We don't do any of that nasty ol' oil exploitation. We'd rather whimper and whine about it.

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