Thursday, September 10, 2009

Truth Will Out

Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn. I simply had to watch. I remembered the rule though: if his lips are moving he is lying. I wasn't disappointed.

He was charismatic. He was dramatic. He was emotional. He was convincing. He was declarative. He was reading it. He was lying.

Yes, if I hadn't seen the language of HR-3200, I might have swallowed it all and jumped aboard the US Titanic. If I didn't understand the issue of a public insurance option "competing" with private industry, I would think it a good deal. If I didn't read between the lines about how ridiculous the accusation of "death panels" was, I wouldn't see the rationing in our future. If I didn't understand the economics of "no pre-existing condition" insurance, I would believe that I could delay getting fire insurance on my home until the flames were actually visible.

But, the whole evening was worth the pain. I watched a master-liar at work. He made Bill Clinton's denial of sex with Lewinsky look amateurish. The high point, however, was this one:

Joe Wilson (R-SC) Couldn't Take It

Yes, right there in public for all the world to see, Joe yelled out "you lie" to the President and Messiah-in-Chief. For a moment I thought it was the start of a British Parliament question session of the PM. After the boring stand-up, sit-down, clap-clap-clap of the previous thirty minutes it was refreshing.

The glare from Nancy Pelosi was worth capturing for posterity. Watching her grab her seating chart and look to identify the miscreant while the Bamster raved on was priceless. She can sure give a dirty look!

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Unknown said...

My husband says thats her "pretty face". I think we need more on the hill with the passion of Joe. We were actually disappointed when he apologized. Another great moment were the chuckles when Barry mentioned that there were still some details to work out. We're watching CNN right now, just for kicks. Absolutely unbelievable...getting a little fired up!