Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mis-Shaping the Message

Unless you live in a cave you've heard about Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) being taken up by the Messiah's compelling rhetoric during Wednesday's joint session of salesmanship on healthcare. He was so deeply enthralled that he simply responded with "You lie!" It was a singular comment, nothing at all like my own every 27 seconds during the speech.

The feigned outrage of the left was instantaneous and simultaneously disingenuous. They demanded groveling immediately and purged the national memory of their much more vocal and widespread disrespect for President Bush in those same chambers just a few short years ago. The papers were filled with stories of Wilson's opponents war-chests over-flowing while Wilson plummeted in the local election polls--a totally fictitious and one-sided coverage of that aspect. And, Joe politely sent an apology to the President.

Now, take a couple of minutes for this "news" story that isn't:

Why in heaven's name would CNN put a reporter on a live shot on the mall during a demonstration against Obamacare that drew 2 million people to ignore the envent discuss Joe Wilson four days earlier?

Isn't the story about the fact that America has been activated and is trying to attract the attention of the dilletantes of Washington? Isn't the message de jour that they are moving the nation in the wrong direction? Why is that bimbo standing there talking about Joe Wilson and whether he should be called on the floor of the House for a flogging? What was CNN thinking?

Notice the respect for the reporter when the crowd is asked to listen for a second to a question. Can you imagine SEIU and ACORN acting like that? And then marvel at the deflection of the crowd's reaction when asked how they view Wilson. The anchor fluff simply ignores it.

And, just in case you think Joe Wilson needs to stay in his job, here's where you can check him out:

Notice the big red CONTRIBUTE button on the top right--It's easy!

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Buzz Barron said...

Thanks for posting this. I've tried to hit his site for several days so I can send him a check. This is totally amazing isn't it? The only disagreement I have with Joe is he apologized.