Monday, April 09, 2012

Love Letter From Leadfoot

So we can all appreciate the intellectual commentary and experience of Leadfoot, I'll give him the floor here with his latest:

ROTFLMAO Yep I love it when a plan works and mine did. You still have the same gang of synophants following you. The new blood just isn't arriving is it? I'll point out I did make a promise that if you continued the censorship you would have to go to moderation in a post that followed your guidelines. Your choice, not mine. I do find it sad however the man who so bravely faced everything Ho Chi Minh threw at him is now so afraid of a contrary view to his thoughts. Yep Ed it cowardice that keeps you at the censorship button. Like your dear friend Uncle Ho you can use censorship to make sure only your side of the censorship story gets out. Kind of like that the two majors who got Jack Broughton fired. Turns out the Soviet Freighter got shot up by AA not F-105's but like you Uncle Ho wasn't about to let something to the contrary of the story get out. So again you're with the experts Ho, Adolph, Mao and Stalin. Cowards who were afraid of the opposing viewpoint and printing on Poetic Justice
Only one question, Lead: How much time do you have over Haiphong harbor? How much F-105 gun camera film have you reviewed? How well do you know Jacksel Broughton? How have you demonstrated your bravery and where?

Nah, I don't expect an answer. Those are simply rhetorical.


immagikman said...

Would be nice if he could, you know...actually compose a coherent thought in writing...I didn't really understand what he was talking about for most of that.

Just for the record, I don't know Ed, I never flew a plane in my life, am too young to have been in Viet Nam, the only thing we have in common is Service to our Country, putting our life on the line. I just happen to like his views and enjoy reading things he posts about that I may have missed elsewhere.

bongobear said...

I think the word you're looking for is sycophant, Mr. Leadfoot. The people who enjoy this blog are not sycophants, we're simply people who have had a similar military experience to Ed's and we generally share his viewpoints on different issues. I don't consider myself a sycophant but I do consider you an asshole.

Chuck Coffman said...

Ed! Censoring! If, on the other hand, you're merely removing the parts that make no sense, it's just editing and saving the author from appearing foolish or poorly educated.
Regards, (the) Beak

Six said...

I hope you'll forgive me some bad language here Ed but I gotta be blunt.

Ed Rasimus hardly needs anyone to defend him and I'm not going to do that. I am going to respond to your nonsense as a reader of Thunder Tales and an admirer of the author.

Fuck you Leadfoot. You wouldn't know honor, fidelity or courage if they came in a six pack at the corner store. I'm a veteran and decorated (retired) police officer and from the perspective of those three virtues I'm not worth Ed's spit. Neither are you btw.

Sycophant? Fuck you again. I am an admirer and one who values opinions and advice from a MAN and a warrior with few peers.

I've read your sniveling on here in comments before and it's just that. Drivel from the keyboard of someone who has neither been there nor done that. Anytime a true American hero wants to take to the internet and give of his experience, education and wisdom I'll read and listen with an open mind and gratitude. He doesn't have to be here you know. That he is speaks to his devotion to this great experiment in freedom we call America. And yes, I read Ed virtually every single day. We don't always agree but I always value his take on the issues. I can't say the same about yours. Sensing a theme here?

Care to pass along a link to your website leadfoot? I really want to read your original writings, thoughts and opinions in an arena where you daily expose yourself to the rantings of ninnies and the ignorant. You know, people like you. I've read your commentary scribblings and have only been impressed by Ed's patience and tolerance. You might want to look up the definition of that word, tolerance, because like most liberals I doubt you understand it.

Piss off leadfoot and stick your self congratulatory and insulting bullshit up the orifice you speak out of.

bongobear said...

Well said Six, well said.

Boat Guy said...

Thanks for your blog - and your other writing. I won't say thanks for your tolerance of some wanker troll. I'm impressed by your forebearance, but frankly wish you'd pulled the trigger long before this...

FlyingBarrister said...

Hilarious. How empty does one' life have to be to become a hanger-on of a blog?

Leftfoot, if you did something meaningful with your time, perhaps you would amount to something more than a cab driver and blog hanger-on.

foxone12 said...

Ed, as usual, your Mr. Liberal, Leadfoot, resorts to the same lack-of-arguments as most liberals.....arguments bereft of substance and reduced to name calling and comparisons with the most evil dictators in the 20th Century. I've heard the illogical liberal voice so often. Express an opinion counter to theirs and you're a 'hater' or a 'Hitler.' God forbid that Leadfoot could come up with a thread of rationality or a cogent counter argument.

hitman said...

Well said Six, and others. He just doesn't get it and never will. (His spelling ain't any better either)

PickYourBattles.Net said...

Thanks for your views Ed. I don't think all of them are right, that's the case for everybody, but I admit you've bested me in the intellectual disagreement at least once. Regardless, the fact that you care enough to say something and put it out there is what I like the most. You care. You wouldn't take the time to expose your views if you didn't.

And of course your service cannot be questioned.

Murphy's Law said...

Wow, now Leadfoot is a combat historian. SLA Marshal, watch out.

Look kid, I'm nobody's sycophant and I don't need to defend Ed, but you really should go contemplate your life's direction if you consider heckling a blogger a high point in your life, especially one who has done more for America than I suspect that you'll ever do.

Now Ed doesn't go down to where you work and mess with the Slurpee machine, so why are you all up in his business?

To quote the great Foghorn Leghorn, "Go way, boy..I say go way...You bother me."